Demi Lovato Poses A Portrait For Vanity Oscar Party Photoshoot!

Demi Lovato poses for a portrait session during Vanity Oscar Party recently.

Demi Lovato is the new JBL Brand Ambassador

Seems like Demi has got herself a new deal! It has been recently announced that Demi Lovato has joined the growing roster of JBL Brand Ambassador. ...

Video: Demi Lovato for Glamour Magazine

Demi Lovato Covers Glamour Magazine November Issue Scans!

Demi Lovato is seen featured on the cover of Glamour magazine, November issue. Demi has grown more and more beautiful!

Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas – Billboard Magazine Outtakes

Here are the new outtakes of Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas pose for Billboard Magazine. Check them out!

Demi Lovato For ELLE Canada Magazine (September) Photoshoots!

Demi Lovato poses for ELLE Canada Magazine for September issue.

Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas “Billboard” Photoshoots

Get this exclusive behind the scenes look of Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas' Billboard Cover shoot in Los Angeles' very own Orpheum Theatre....

Demi Lovato “American Way” Photoshoots

Demi Lovato poses for July issue of American Way magazine.

Demi Lovato Looking Hot for Body Says Photoshoots

Demi Lovato poses for Body Says single photoshoots.  

Demi Lovato Covers American Way Magazine!

Demi Lovato graces the cover of American Way magazine.

Demi Lovato Poses for Fitness Magazine 2014 Outtakes

Check out new outtakes of Demi Lovato for Fitness Magazine from year 2014.

Demi Lovato “2016 KIIS FM’s Wango Tango” Photoshoots

Chec out new photoshoots of Demi Lovato poses for 2016 KIIS FM's Wango Tango.

Demi Lovato “DEMI” Album Photoshoot Outtakes

I have uploaded new photoshoot outtakes from Demi Lovato from her album "DEMI" to the gallery.

Demi Lovato for ‘DEMI’ Album Photoshoots

Demi Lovato poses for Yu Tsai for her promotional albums shoot 'DEMI'.

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