Demi Lovato has revealed her newest tattoo named ‘now i’m a warrior’ on her shoulder back.


  1. I HATE that demi lovato is getting too many tattoos. She always says to her fans that life is not worth harming yourself over, and your body is a beautiful thing.. how come she is ruining it by getting tattoos!! 🙁 I am personally against getting tattoos. so now this tattoo is number 15 for demi.. she has gotten 13 tattoos since leaving rehab. She had her feather behind her ear and her make me beautiful on her ribcage b4 entering rehab.. too many!!!!!

  2. Dear Demi,
    You have helped me through way more than I’ll ever show. My brother died in September and your music and story helped me through it. I had never felt so alone in my entire life but you took that away from me. Thank you so much for that. Always stick to what you do because you save people like me every day. I’m a survivor and a warrior. Thank you for showing me that. Xoxo.