New meet and greet pictures are here! Here are some new photos Demi poses with her fans at the meet and greet session during Demi Lovato World Tour at Sprint Center on Kansas City, MO on September 23, 2014.

Demi Lovato Meet And Greet at Demi Lovato World Tour in Kansas City


  1. My Brother in Law (ex actually. lol) is your biggest fan. He already has tickets to your show in Kc,MO for August and I would love nothing more than to add a Meet and Greet pass for him, He has been such a great support to me, my soul, and my children. He deserves a moment of absolute bliss and I know this would be his dream come true. His brother is not a gentle person and it has been so hard breaking free from that dark moment in our lives, but through it all, regardless if he was his own brother, he has always been a friend. I see him as my own blood. I supported him 100% when he came out, even if his actual family didn’t immediately. Through this darkness, God BLESSED me with a brother a Light**. If someone knows of a LEGIT site where I can go and purchase the Meet and Greets, PLEASE PLEASE let me know. Or email with subject Demi Pass so I know it isn’t spam. Please and Thank you!!! <3


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