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Demi Lovato New VH1 Video Interviews


“Hey guys! It’s me Demi Lovato. I’m so excited to be Vh1’s ‘Posted Artist of the Month’ so I wanted to fill you guys in on what’s going on in some of the dance rehersals. One of the dance numbers is called “Got Dynamite” and I’m dancing behind this really cool jail cell thing. This is actually one of the props for the dance and, um, yeah! It’s really cool and the dancers are dancing behind it and I’m kind of locked in this jail cell thing. Another dance is called “Who’s That Boy” and there’s a really awesome chair dance that you guys have to check out, so I hope you guys like it!”

“Hey Vh1! It’s me, Demi Lovato. I just wanted to say thank you so much for making me the number one on the Vh1 countdown. I’m so, so, excited. This means the world to me. Thank you so much.”

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