BTS w/ Demi at AT&T Htc Status Photo Session

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Demi Lovato lovvvves her fans. Not only did she snap photos with hundreds of them last month at the AT&T store in Santa Monica, but she also took over our Facebook page during the event so fans around the world had the chance to connect with her as well.

Now we have all the behind-the-scenes footage from the August 25th event in a popup video showing how Demi was able to instantly connect with her fans using Twitter, Facebook and the HTC Status.

“God I love you guys.. Thank you,” she tweeted a few days later. “Don’t know what I did to deserve you all… But wow.. I love you all..”

Next in line for Demi are her two sold out fan shows in New York City, NY and Los Angeles, CA starting this Saturday and the release next week of her album, ‘Unbroken,’ on September 20th.

Source: Cambio

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