Demi Lovato: Joe Jonas feels bad for hurting Demi

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Demi Lovato had her heart broken by Joe Jonas. Now Jonas says he regrets doing it. Should Lovato care? Can we really believe Jonas?

It is well known that Joe Jonas has a reputation as a player. He has broken the hearts of many girls over the years, but how he broke Lovato’s was particularly bad. Some of the details and rumors may have been inaccurate, but it is clear that Jonas did Demi very wrong.

It had been originally rumored that Jonas had only dated Lovato for the purpose of increasing the ratings of their TV shows and that it has been planned by his father. While we don’t think that is true, what is indisputable is the fact that Jonas flaunted his then new girlfriend, Ashley Greene, in front of Demi Lovato right after they broke up. That was completely uncalled for. Whether or not that kind of heartache and stress lead directly to Lovato’s eating disorder getting worse and pushing her into rehab is debatable, it certainly didn’t make things better for her.

This is what Jonas had to say to People Magazine about how he treated Lovato:

“I wrote a song called I’m Sorry that I sing every night on tour. It’s about breaking someone’s heart, and this is my apology. You may know who it’s about, but I try not to say names.”

While that is all well and good, perhaps he should mentions names due to how cruel he was to Lovato. Perhaps that would convince people that he is actually sorry for what he did. It would also go a long way in changing the perception that he is a bad boyfriend and a player.

While it is nice that Joe Jonas regrets breaking Demi Lovato’s heart, he never should have treated her the way he did in the first place. None of us know if Jonas has ever apologized to Lovato personally and frankly it is not any of our business if he did or not. But, it would be nice if he would do it publicly instead of cryptically doing it in a song.

Source: Metrow NY

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