Tiffany Thornton Wedding Deets– Demi’s a bridesmaid!

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So Random! star and PrankStars guest Tiffany Thornton is getting married in November, and we’ve got some scoop on the actress’ wedding day plans! Tiffany chatted with J-14 about her wedding location, dresses, and more! Check out the details below:

The Location:
“It’s a 6 o’clock wedding, so hopefully the sun will set as we’re getting married,” Tiffany said. “We’re getting married in a glass chapel, so we could see everything around us. It’s in a national park in Arkansas.”

The Dress
“Max Azria made my dress and they also made my bridesmaids dresses,” Tiffany says. “They are a fuschia/purple type of color. It’s a custom made fabric — they didn’t have the color I wanted, so they made the color from two fabrics. They put them together with a machine. I don’t really know how it’s done.” But they’ve been great to me. I love the way the dresses fit. I wear the brand on the red carpet all the time, so it was really no question for me when it came time to choose where to get my dresses. I’m really fortunate that they said yes to helping me out.”

The Bridesmaids
– “I have eight bridesmaids!” she revealed. “Demi is a bridesmaid.”

Catch Tiffany on PrankStars on October 16 at 8:00 PM on Disney.

Source: J-14

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