Demi Lovato Looks Healthier And Happier Than Ever Before

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This past year has been a roller-coaster ride for 19-year-old former Disney star Demi Lovato. After a very public breakup with Joe Jonas and an equally public breakdown — which led her to spend time in rehab — Demi is back on her feet again and finding balance in her life. On Wednesday, Demi spoke to Parade Magazine about her big comeback.

With the successful release of her new album Unbroken and an upcoming tour, Demi is turning over a new leaf — she looks healthier and more vibrant than ever before. Demi recently told Parade Magazine, “I’m in a much happier and healthier place now… It’s a different era in my career.”

After everything she’s gone through, Demi said that the biggest lesson she learned is to be careful who she lets into her life and gives her trust. “Sometimes you don’t know who you can and cannot trust,” she said. “I still learn that over and over again.”

One person who has always been a major source of trust and support for Demi is her mother — and Demi loves to Tweet about her! After Demi got “stay strong” tattooed across her wrists, her mom even got a tattoo to match. (Talk about mother-daughter bonding!)

As a contributing editor for Seventeen, Demi is now using her new blog to speak out about her struggles with eating disorders and the pressure to be perfect. In a partnership with Seventeen and the Jed Foundation, her “Love Is Louder Than The Pressure To Be Perfect” campaign has inspired thousands of girls.

We’re inspired by Demi’s impressive comeback and the courage that she’s shown. And clearly, so are her fans — tickets for Demi’s headlining performances in New York and Los Angeles last month sold out in minutes. Missed her in September? Tickets for Demi’s highly-anticipated Unbroken tour go on sale today!

Source: Huffington Post

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