Demi Lovato: Chile Fans Are More Passionate & Close

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Demi Lovato arrived yesterday in Santiago after his presentation on Saturday at the Festival de Iquique and this morning, the former Disney girl had an appointment with the national press, at which he used to refer to his participation in the contest: “Iquique is beautiful, the beaches and the food also. ” On his second time at home said: “It was incredible. This time it was very disitinto the first time, I enjoyed it more.”

Something that was particularly fascinated Lovato is the reception it has had from his followers: “My fans are amazing and seeing them out has been impressive, said of the 70 teenagers who were waiting at the outside of your hotel. Specifically inChile fans are more passionate and closer than in other countries. I show her love, and I want to show that much love, “he said.

About the visit made to the country on 24 April, was: “I am excited to return to Chile, I love it,” he said and added on the show at Movistar Arena: “There will be a lot of dancers and songs in Spanish” .“On this album I wrote many songs. I identify more with this album because I have experienced many things that I put into it” he said of Unbroken (2011), the work that is promoting these days, published after 2010 in a complex they had to cancel their participation in the South American tour and the Jonas Brothers took to rehab to treat eating disorders and psychological. “I feel like I’m taking (what happened) every day and hope to continue my career,” he said.

As for his future, former Disney girl said: “I’d go back to television, do a few guest appearances or series. It is difficult to know if I because he might be touring.” Lovato said that in ten years expected to keep making music, “Doing tours that’s what I like. Maybe a couple of movies,” he said, adding later: “I have a lot of goals I want to achieve but at the end of day I am a human being. “

After completing the interviews, the singer appeared to greet the fans who were waiting next to the hotel. Tickets for his show can be purchased FeriaTicket and has a value ranging from $ 18,000 to $ 100,000.

Source: Latercera

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