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Hi Demi, it’s great to have you here in London – how do you find travelling and are you enjoying your time here?
I really love travelling and I’ve had a really great time here in London. I’m only here for a couple of days but since I’ve been here the fans have been so amazing. It’s always fun coming to London.

The new album seems to have taken a different direction to how you started out with Disney. It’s a lot more R&B. Do you think it shows more of who you are and the route you want to take with your music in the future?
I chose to make this album more R&B because it’s something that I haven’t done before and I just really wanted to experience what it would be like. I don’t know if it necessarily best represents who I am so I don’t know if I’d do it again on the next album, but you never know. Sometimes I go into an album prepared to record say a pop album and it comes out pop-rock, so you just never know what can happen!

Your new album, ‘Unbroken’,  is out this week. That’s quite a defiant title – what is the meaning behind it?
The meaning behind ‘Unbroken’ is that it just kind of represents the journey that I’ve been on. I’ve gone through a lot but nothing has been able to break me and today I stand unbroken.

You worked with some great artists on the album. How did these collaborations come about and who was your favourite to work with?
It just kind of happened, I didn’t really plan any of it.  The most memorable was definitely getting to work with Timbaland and Missy Elliott. I had so much fun working with them in Miami, it was one of the best weeks of my life! It was awesome – I had a blast and I really enjoyed working with them.

You started your career with acting. Is that something you think you will go back to?
I definitely want to go back into acting at some point, but right now it’s not my top priority. I’ve really just been focused on performing, and making music is my number one passion. Maybe in a little while I’ll go back to television or movies but for right now I just want to focus on music.

You have an incredible 6.3million Twitter followers (and yet only follow 233 lucky people!). Do you enjoy using Twitter and how do you decide who to follow?
I follow people that I find really interesting or people that I’m friends with. Everyone that I follow I think I’ve probably had some sort of encounter with, except for Britney Spears, but you have to follow Britney Spears! I’m really thankful for twitter because it’s almost like a direct line to your fans – you can tweet something and it’s instantly put out into the world in front of 6 million of your fans. I love it. I think it’s a great way to communicate with your fans.

There are so many strong female artists in pop right now. How do you feel you fit in?
I don’t really put myself up there with artists like Katy Perry or Rihanna. I still feel like I’m working really hard to get there. Hopefully one day I’ll be at their level, but for right now I’m content with where I am. But of course I still want to achieve those kind of goals and have those aspirations.

You do a lot of work for anti-bullying campaigns and have spoken a lot about the struggles you have been through. What advice would you give to young girls who might feel the pressure of trying to fit in?
I would say if they’re being bullied then to speak up about it – tell someone, don’t bottle it up. If you’re struggling with self image, you’re not alone. It’s something that I still struggle with today – I’m not always perfectly happy with my body. After all, I’m a woman and what woman is? But I make sure I tell myself that I’m beautiful and I tell myself daily affirmations, so I would recommend that to younger girls – and guys.

As you are here in England, which British stars do you admire?
I love James Morrison. He’s one of my favourite musicians. I also love Corinne Bailey Rae, and Amy Winehouse of course was so incredible, but I think Adele is my favourite.

What are your ambitions for your music?
I don’t really know where I see myself going with my music but hopefully it’s some place where I can reach a bigger audience and I can really speak to people with my music and have them relate to it. I feel like Adele’s career has taken off and gone so far because she’s so easy to relate to and so vulnerable in her songs. I really want to accomplish that on my next album.

Who would you say are your main influences, and who did you listen to growing up?
Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera were really my two main influences growing up, but thanks to my mum I also had a lot of other, older influences like Motown and stuff like that. I loved Billie Holiday and Aretha Franklin.

Source: We7

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