Demi Lovato: Simon Cowell is intimidated by me on ‘X Factor’

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Demi Lovato may be the youngest member on the revamped “X Factor” panel, but she’s far from the shyest when it comes to dealing with resident grump Simon Cowell. Promos for the upcoming season have revealed that that the entertainer holds her own — and then some — up against the talent show vet.

“He calls me a brat. It’s OK,” Lovato told TODAY’s Natalie Morales Wednesday morning. “He’s just intimidated by my responses (on the show)…. I give it back to him.”

But don’t let the early drama fool you. While Lovato and Cowell swap plenty of barbs, she actually gets along great with all of her fellow judges.

“Working on this panel is just absolutely incredible, and I never thought I’d be sitting next to Britney Spears for anything in my life, let alone working with her all the time,” she explained. “That’s amazing. And then Simon and L.A. Reid, they’re so intelligent and awesome. They know what they’re doing, so I’m very honored to be working with them.”

As for the other talent to soon set to appear on “X Factor” — the on-stage talent — Lovato doesn’t have as many kind words.

“When I sit on that panel and they ask me for my opinion, I will be very honest,” she said. “And sometimes it may seem a little harsh, but I try to say it as nicely as possible. You know, sometimes it does come off harsh, because it’s brutally honest and they don’t want to hear it.”

But the acts better be ready to take it. After all, there’s a lot on the line.

“Ultimately we’re really looking for someone to invest $5 million on. That’s what the prize is,” she stressed. “So if we’re going to spend $5 million on somebody, they have to be ready to go.”

The second season of “The X Factor” premieres Sept. 12 at 8 p.m. on Fox.

Source: Today

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