Demi Lovato Becomes ‘A Pink, A Kelly Clarkson’ On New Album

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Demi Lovato is sending positive vibes her Lovatics’ way on her new album. She opened up about her ups and downs on 2011’s Unbroken, but this year, she’s focusing on the ups.

She is ready to give fans a “Heart Attack” when she drops her video for the single Tuesday night. And if you think that the message of that single is victorious, Suspex member Jason Evigan teased fans with what they should expect from her May album release, Demi, ahead of the video’s premiere.

“For her age she’s seen a lot, she’s had a lot of big ups and big downs. She’s matured very fast and I think she naturally skews in that direction,” the producer said of working with the singer. “I think without realizing it she puts herself at the level with Pink. She’s up there mentally with those people. She’s a very smart girl. She didn’t want to go and dwell. She talks about how triumphant she’s been.”In fact, it’s not just Pink who she’s channeling on the release, but also another equally sassy, strong-willed pop superstar. “I think she’s matured into a woman. I think this album, even though she’s a young lady, her music this album is going to take her to like a Kelly Clarkson now. She’s gonna be like a Pink after this album. All the songs are credible, there’s no cheese. It’s all real classic songs. I think she has one of the best voices out there right now. This album’s gonna really show that and bring her to that next level where she’s not a Disney star.”In addition to “Heart Attack,” Evigan worked on several other songs on the album, including “Two Pieces.” He revealed, “Talk about classic. That’s a very timeless song. We wrote it with Livvi Franc. It’s like this lullaby that turns into this huge rock chorus, pop rock. So the chorus kind of has that ‘Heart Attack’ huge feel where these verses are very melodic and they’re swimming through almost like a ballerina thing.”

Evigan also helped conceive “Made in the USA,” which he considers Demi’s answer to Miley Cyrus’ massive “Party in the USA.” He said, “It’s like our love was made in the USA. It sounds kind of cheesy but it could be the biggest song of the year because it’s that ‘Party in the USA’ kind of vibe like love song.”

Then there’s yet another track called “Never Been Hurt” that Evigan worked on with The Monsters and “Stronger” songwriter Ali Tamposi. “[When we went into the studio we said] she needs that up-tempo, like powerful up-tempo kind of ‘Stronger’ vibe,” he recalled. “It’s like ‘I’ll love you like I’ve never been hurt’. It’s like this big triumphant kind of thing: ‘I’m gonna give you my all’ kind of thing.”

Source: MTV

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