Demi Lovato Has Suicidal Thoughts at Age 7

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Demi Lovato is not one to shy away from speaking the truth. In a new interview with ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine, the singer opens up about her experience in rehab, her suicide contract, and wanting to be just like Rihanna.

Demi Lovato often speaks candidly about her stint in rehab and struggles with bipolar disorder, bulimia and cutting. But news that Demi looked up to another famous celebrity – Rihanna – was a bit surprising!

Demi also told Rolling Stone magazine that she was suicidal at the age of seven, and was even forced to sign a suicide contract! “The principal called my parents and made me sign this suicide contract saying that I would not kill myself. They weren’t expecting that so young,” the star told the mag.

When Demi released her third album, Unbroken, it was met with mixed reviews. Some people complained about the hip-hop that seemed to be interwoven in some of the songs and were confused by how different her new music was. Now, we know why! In an excerpt from the interview with Rolling Stone, she told the magazine, “I wanted to be like Rihanna. But I had to learn that wasn’t me.”

Demi definitely learned from her past mistakes. When her fourth album, Demi, was released on May 14, 2013, it was clear that it was written and inspired by her own experiences. The album was much more well received and you could tell how personal all of the music was to her, a far cry from when the star was trying to be someone else.

Source: Hollywood Life

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