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Simon Cowell Talks Demi Lovato In An Interview


Simon Cowell isn’t afraid to speak his mind–so it makes sense he appreciates the same in others, too. We caught up with the X Factor judge to talk our cover girl Demi Lovato, her perspective and what he respects most about his bantering co-judge.

What does Demi bring to the X-Factor as a judge and mentor?

Demi brings a fresh perspective, she’s obviously younger and she comes at this from an artist’s perspective. That’s why I wanted her on the panel. She represents the younger fans and knows what kind of music they will buy. Plus, she is lippy—you can’t shut her up!

What’s the best thing about working with her on the show?

She says what’s on her mind. This girl does not sugarcoat it and I like that about her. 

What do you respect most about Demi as an artist?

She’s very genuine and she’s been through a lot and has been very honest about it all. 

She’s obviously wise beyond her years. What impresses you most about how she carries herself?

When I saw Demi a couple of years ago I thought she’d be interesting to work with because of what she’s been through, coming through the whole Disney system, being a bit of a rebel, very marketable artist. People like that are always going to be what I call, “lippy.” We have different views on the contestants, but I thought it was important since a lot of the contestants are young and that we have a very young audience, that we have to have somebody closer to that age group. 

But if you are comfortable with somebody, you can work with them and you don’t always need to agree on everything. It would be boring if that were the case. We disagree quite a lot, so I’m obviously very comfortable with Demi! 

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