Justin Bieber Reacts to Demi Lovato’s Apparent Overdose: “I Thought She Was Sober

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Justin Bieber has joined the many celebrities sending love and support to Demi Lovato, who had an apparent drug overdose on Tuesday. In a video from TMZ, Justin is asked by a photographer if he’s spoken to Demi, and explains that he hasn’t—adding that the situation is “terrible” and “very sad.”

“It’s very said,” Justin says. “No I haven’t talked to her, but my prayers go out to her and her family for sure. I thought she was sober, that’s terrible, right?”

Demi revealed that she was no longer sober back in June, when she released a song called “Sober” in which she seemingly admitted to a relapse. The lyrics are as follows:

“Momma I’m so sorry I’m not sober anymore / And Daddy please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor. To the ones who never left me, we’ve been down this road before / I’m so sorry, I’m not sober anymore.”

Demi’s condition has been described as “stable,” and last night her spokesperson confirmed via statement that she’s awake and with her loved ones. Earlier today, it was reported by Us Weekly that the hospital she’s staying in has been on total lockdown with two security guards outside her room who have been “instructed to not let anyone that Demi’s mom hasn’t approved to visit her.”

Source: Cosmopolitan

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