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Demi Lovato
c/o Camp Rock
Disney Channel
3800 W. Almeda Ave.
Burbank, CA 91505

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  1. Dear Demi,

    My name is Maurizio and I’m the father from my 15 years old daughter Joy. My daughter is fighting Anorexia. It is a very hard fight but she doesn’t see why SHE has to fight. She wants to do it all by herselves and doesn’t accept any help. She lost already so much because of Anorexia. One her most lovely hobby is singing but she’s not allowed do to this anymore. I know that she is a very big fan from and I was hoping that you could say some inspiring words to her to keep on fighting to overcome this terrible Anorexia.

    Kind regards from a very worried carrying father.

    Maurizio Secci

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  3. Hello Demi
    It has come to our attention that your private images have been leaked; we just want to inform you that our company is committed to delete and remove from Internet personal images, providing this service to famous sport celebrities as Lionel Messi and Marc Marquez.
    I’d like you to know that we can completely remove your private images from the Internet.
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    Kind regards
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  4. Hi Demi Lovato,

    I wanted to write you this message to thank you for all you done for me and for other people. Without your story and music i wouldn’t be so strong as now.

    I’m Kevin and happy to say that I will represent and protect the rights and the diversity in my university college Odisee.

    As a person representing the people. I’ll be thankful all my live for what you did.

    You’re the bird that gives life to others by being themself. You gave my life another future.

    Therefore I want to send all my gratitude for entertaining the life of others.

    Thank you!

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