Demi Lovato Wants To Work With Adam Levine

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Hey Adam Levine, do you want another duet partner besides ‘Moves Like Jagger’ guest star (and fellow ‘The Voice’ coach) Christina Aguilera? Do you need a new co-mentor for next season of “The Voice?’ If you do, Demi Lovato will jump at the chance to partner with you! She’s a fan and she admitted it in public.

Lovato issued a suggestive (not sexually, keep your minds clean, readers!) tweet to the Maroon 5 singer. She wrote: “Hey @adamlevine, you can totally follow me on twitter if ya want… just um, throwing that out there. Collab one day? Heh.. Heh?! : D” Lovato is not masking her intentions at all. She is letting it all hang out, no subtext, no nothing. She wants to work with the singer in some way, shape or form. And she wants him to follow her tweets, too. We’re sensing a little crush here.

So, what say you, Adam Levine? Do you want to partner up with Demi Lovato, who will release ‘Unbroken’ on Sept. 20? We will await your reply tweet. As of press time, it’s been radio silence and Levine did not respond to Lovato. Maybe he’s unplugged for a few? Or wondering how to respond?

Source: Pop Crush

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