Demi Lovato Says She Decided To be Open With Fans The Minute She Left Treatment

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Demi Lovato engaged in two enlightening (and separate) interviews with Canadian TV and radio to promote ‘Unbroken’ and revealed details about both serious (regarding her treatment) and silly (what she brings on tour) topics.

In the ‘Uncut’ video chat with ET, Lovato revealed the moment she decided to be an open book to her fans about the issues that landed her in a treatment center a year ago. She said, “When I left treatment and decided to work on music again, that’s when I decided to be honest about all of my issues. There would be no holding back and we definitely didn’t want my music to hold anything back.”

Lovato navigated the murky waters of her recovery in the digital age of Twitter and Facebook, when information is instant. Oftentimes, unflattering reports, whether they are true or not, travel at the speed of sound. However, she felt that social media platforms only strengthen the bond with her fans and allowed her to be as honest as possible. She didn’t shy away from discussing her struggles, which made her closer to the people who love her work. “I am proud of them, since I feel like I am honest and loyal to my fans,” she proclaimed about her adoring fans. “I can brush off the haters.”

She also revealed that she loves to tour and travels heavy. Duh. She joked, “I’m a girl. I bring everything, blankets, comforters.”During her chat at Z103.5, Lovato was told that a fan actually left a funeral to line up outside of the station for a chance to meet or catch a glimpse of the ‘Skyscraper’ singer! The rationale was that a dead person can’t get mad. True story!

Lovato was also asked about her relationships with fellow teen pop celebs, like Selena Gomez and her ex, Joe Jonas. When Sel Go visited the same station, she said, “Demi is very strong. She went through a lot and she’s finding her path. She’s doing a good job.”

Lovato was touched by Sel’s comments, responding, “Aw, I love her. She is such a sweetheart. She is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.” Lovato also replied , “That’s awesome” when the host told her that Jonas downloaded her album since he wanted to check out her musical direction and “support a friend.” It was a Disney love fest!

Source: Pop Crush

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