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I am getting prepped for tour this week. I am so excited to get back on the road. One of my favorite parts of getting ready for tour is choosing my tour wardrobe. I get to try on all these amazing clothes – it is so much fun!!! I try to choose outfits that are comfortable to wear and fun. I also need to be able to move around in the clothes and the heels cannot be too high to dance. There are a few costume changes during my performance so I also need to be able to completely change an outfit in just a few minutes. I love getting all dressed up for a show and getting to wear such amazing clothes!

Some of the looks being created for tour include amazing rock star pieces, like studded boots, vintage rocker tees, sequined tops and a beautiful glammed out black jacket with metal spikes on the shoulders. Who knows – we may even throw in a faux fur vest and some glitter!!

It is so fun to pick out stage clothes because you can choose something over the top – there can never be too much glitter and sequins. When I have a great outfit on that I love, it helps me bring confidence to the stage which really enhances my performance!

When I go shopping for everyday clothes I try to find clothes that are comfortable and fit my personality. My style is pretty eclectic and depends on my mood. Sometimes I love to dress more bohemian and other times I dress more funky or retro. Right now some of my favorite everyday clothes are my Jeffrey Campbell shoes, a vintage colorful jacket and a pleated leather skirt that I wear everywhere!

I also love to wear dresses and high-heeled booties with a cool hat…and, of course, some great red lipstick! I believe that your clothes should show your personality and make you feel great. When I am confident in my clothes it shows in the way I carry myself and that works better for me that following any trend. I wore a leopard print Vivienne Westwood dress on Jimmy Fallon and I felt so amazing walking out on stage in that dress. Her designs always give me such confidence. I buy clothes that I love regardless of what is in style.

Stay Strong!

Demi Lovato

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