Demi Lovato Talks Sobriety & Possible Working With Eminem

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Demi Lovato may have once used drugs and alcohol to self-medicate, but not anymore.

“I think sober is sexy. It’s cool,” she says in the new issue of Seventeen magazine. “I think it’s way cooler to be above the influence than under the influence.”

And she thinks it’s would be really cool to hit the studio with another major hit maker in recovery…

“Hopefully, I can work with Eminem,” Lovato, 19, told me yesterday during a Seventeen luncheon at The Redbury hotel’s Cleo restaurant in Hollywood. “He’s my favorite rapper so anything with him would be amazing.”

Lovato says getting through the hard times has given her a role she never expected.

“My whole goal in life was to be a singer but now it’s taken on a whole new meaning,” she said. “Now I cherish a whole new meaning to my career, which is to be an inspiration. I think I’ve been given a voice for a reason…Everything happened for a reason and it’s no coincidence that I’ve been put through a lot at such a young age.”

She also told the magazine that she’s happy with her body. “I’m not supposed to be stick thin—my body’s not made to be that way,” she said. “I feel like I have a good butt. I don’t have boobs, but I got a butt!”

Lovato is set to perform next Wednesday at the People’s Choice Awards. She certainly hasn’t walked away from acting. “I’m looking for the right role,” she said. “I haven’t really found anything I’m excited about. I’m still looking so right now I’m focusing on music and touring and working on my next album.”

Here’s hoping Eminem joins her in the studio.

Source: E Online

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