Pop Crush Reviews Demi Lovato’s ‘Give Your Heart a Break’

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Demi Lovato‘s latest single, ‘Give Your Heart a Break,’ is an uptempo pop gem that finds Lovato pleading lyrical declarations to the one who keeps getting away in her dreamy, warm vocal style.

The song is marked by an ’80s and ’90s feel, sounding like the song that would blare during a montage in a romantic comedy where the lead female character is dressing up in all sorts of cute outfits while prepping for a big date. Can’t you just picture it? We can!

‘Give Your Heart a Break,’ in which Lovato sings to the one she desires about accepting love if even for a moment, is another fine selection from her comeback album ‘Unbroken.’ It’s certainly lighter in scope and sound then the gorgeously dense ballad ‘Skyscraper,’ which was the album’s debut single. But the subject matter on ‘Give Your Heart a Break’ is just as mature and adult.

When Lovato coos “Give your heart a break / There’s only so much you can take,” she’s speaking from experience and it allows her to feel like she’s a girlfriend who you can relate to since she has endured similar things in life.

The song does end abruptly, with Lovato singing, “The day I first met you / You told me you never fall in love,” and then it fades t silence. It’s as though she is speaking in hindsight, yet isn’t giving up. Throughout, she’s trying to convince the one she loves not to leave, to stick around and let her love be his strength. It’s powerful stuff.

Source: Pop Crush

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