Could Demi Lovato Play Johanna In Catching Fire?

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The character of Johanna in the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire has yet to be cast, and we began wondering, what if one of the three most famous actresses, Demi Lovato played the role.

The role of Johanna Mason will be a tough one to fill.

She is sarcastic and mean-spirited. Johanna’s first meeting with Katniss involves her stripping out of her tree costume in order to make Katniss uncomfortable.

She reveals that she has no friends or family in District 7, stating “there is no one left I care about.” She won her original Hunger Games by pretending she was a weakling and a coward, so no one regarded her as a threat, but when only a few tributes remained, she revealed herself as a vicious killer.

Johanna teams up with Katniss, Peeta, and Finnick in the Quarter Quell, bringing Beetee and Wiress with her, because that was the only way to ally with Katniss. Katniss describes her presence as being akin to having an older sister who hates you. Johanna takes part in the committee to keep Katniss and Peeta alive, and helps by protecting Katniss throughout the Games. Near the end of Catching Fire she removes the tracker in Katniss’ arm by cutting it out with a knife.

Johanna is captured by the Capitol at the end of Catching Fire.

Could Demi Lovato play the role of the hardened, sarcastic and sometimes mean District 7 tribute/victor?

Note: I am assuming who plays the role in Catching Fire will play it as well in Mockingjay.

I know a lot of people really want another actress like Jennifer Lawrence to play the role of Johanna, but since it isn’t announced yet, we are looking at young actresses, like Demi Lovato, who are not only fans of the series, but also similar in appearance to the character.

When it comes to reasons why I thinks she could, a few things comes to mind.

One thing that strikes me, is that Demi seems like a strong woman. She has been through a lot over the last few years and has braved it despite all the critism. I definitely think she could play the hardened, strong young woman.

Demi is also 19, but unlike Selena she looks older, not younger. I think we could reasonable believe her to be in her early twenties.

Source: BSC Kids

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