Demi Lovato and Proud Black Eyed Peas’ producer Collab?

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Proud Black Eyed Peas’ producer preps up a more star-studded lineup for his new album!

UPDATE: Britney Spears did not appear in the album. The track “Bad Girl (It Ain’t Her)” is not sung by Britney, but will’s fellow Black Eyed Peas’ member Fergie, who sang backing vocals on the track. “All the way from pop princesses Britney Spears and Cheryl Cole to hip hop stars RedFoo of LMFAO and Busta Rhymes,’s latest album will prove to be another number 1 hit!

Tracklist are as rumored:

1. T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever) [feat. Jennifer Lopez & Mick Jagger]
2. Go Home (T.H.E. [The Hardest Ever] remix) [feat. Mick Jagger & Wolfgang Gartner]
3. Bleeding Roses (feat. Alicia Keys)
4. Check It Out (Special Mix) [feat. Cheryl Cole & Nicki Minaj]
5. Don’t Wanna Fall Again (feat. Demi Lovato)
6. Great Times (with
7. Bad Girl (It Ain’t Her) [feat. Taboo] (with Fergie)
8. Reach for the Skies (feat. Shakira)
9. Mona Lisa Smile (with Nicole Scherzinger)
10. Live Long (feat. RedFoo & Eva Simons)
11. Reach Within Yourself (feat. Capone, Natalia Kills & Junior Caldera)
12. Spit Fire
13. Masks (Behind the Scenes)

Deluxe version:
14. Believer (feat. Far East Movement)
15. Drop That Beat
16. Nothing Really Matters (with David Guetta)
17. Lost & Found (feat. Keri Hilson & Timbaland)
18. Hero (We Got It)
19. Black Einstein (outro)

And, among all the rumored tracks, only a few got up enticed! This includes the Demi Lovato-featured positive message track “Don’t Wanna Fall Again”, with a title like that, and a featured guest like that – damn! It’s going to be a dope track!Another track, the dark, pessimistic and tainted track “Bleeding Roses” featuring R&B hitmaker Alicia Keys. The mysterious and special title has already got us buggin’! Whoa!

And, the Pussycat Dolls’ leader Nicole Scherzinger will unveil the “Mona Lisa Smile”, with piano and ballad backings. Also, “Reach Within Yourself” featuring rapper Capone, singer Natalia Kills and DJ Junior Caldera is also a dance and pop track, with Natalia singing the hook.

Get ready for Will’s album!

Source: Daily Music Juice

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