Why Demi Lovato Would Be the Perfect ‘X Factor’ Judge

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Rumors are swirling that Demi Lovato will be taking a seat at the judge’s table on the next season of “The X Factor.” And while she might not seem like an obvious choice, here are five reasons why Lovato would make the perfect “X Factor” judge.

1. She’s a Seasoned Pro

Even though she’s only 19 years old, Lovato is a seasoned pro. She made her TV debut in 2002, at the age of nine, on “Barney and Friends.” But it was the 2008 made for TV movie “Camp Rock,” that catapulted her to stardom. Her lead role on “Sonny with a Chance” from 2009 to 2011, just added to her fan appeal. If anyone knows the focus required to follow one’s dreams, it’s Lovato.

2. She’s Got Musical Chops

When Lovato released her debut album called “Don’t Forget” in 2008, it debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 chart. And it ultimately was certified gold. Never ceasing to outdo herself, her sophomore outing, “Here We Go,” premiered at number one. While her follow up, “Unbroken,” only made it to number four, Lovato has more than proven herself to be a successful recording artist. And she’s not done. Album number four is allegedly underway.

3. She’s Got a Good Heart

Among her many charitable affiliations, Lovato is incredibly active with the Disney Friends for Change effort. The organization’s mission is “to inspire kids and families to make a difference in their world by taking actions to help people, their communities and the planet.” She even joined fellow Disney alum the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez to record the theme song for the organization called, “Send it On.” Lovato has also backed other altruistic causes including St. Jude Children’s Hospital and City of Hope.

4. She’s Overcome Adversity

Lovato has not been shy about sharing her difficult experiences over the years. She’s admitted to being the target of bullying in junior high. The taunting that she was fat and ugly was one of the factors that led to her eating disorder. Lovato entered a facility in 2010 to treat her bulimia and self-injury issues. Rather than hide the truth, Lovato made a documentary for MTV called “Stay Strong.” The film chronicled her ongoing journey for self-improvement.

5. She’s the Comeback Kid

After all the highs and lows, Lovato seems poised to make a major TV comeback and “The X Factor” is the perfect place to start. It will expose her to a whole new, non-Disney, more gown up audience. And if the rumors that former-child star Britney Spears is going to fill the other vacant judge’s seat are true, she’ll have a kindred spirit to bond with.

Source: Yahoo

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