Demi Lovato on Nick Jonas “Sometimes I feel like he’s the Male Version of Me”

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As she continues to gear up for the premiere of the X-Factor next month, Demi Lovato sat down with Teen to chat about her friendship with former Camp Rock co-star Nick Jonas, along with her upcoming role on the X-Factor.

Demi has been close buds with Nick since they starred in Camp Rock back in 2008, and have kept in touch over the years. Nick even made a special appearance this summer at one of Demi’s concerts, surprising fans as he came out on-stage to join her at The Greek. “It was really great. I reconnected with him recently and you know we had such a special friendship and he’s just an incredible friend.” Demi said.

“There’s nobody like him in my life that I felt connected to through music. We work really great together. Sometimes I feel like he’s the male version of me, which is pretty funny, but, like, not crazy.” She continued, “Yeah, we just have a really great friendship, so when he came to my concert we hadn’t seen each other in a really long time and I was like, “Hey I know we haven’t seen each other in a while, but if you want I think it would be really fun for us to go out on stage together just like old times.” And he was like, “For sure!” It was really cool.”

Over the summer, Demi was also involved in theAcuvue One-Day Mentorship Program along with other stars such as Tyler BlackburnMeaghan Martin, andJoe Jonas. Through the program, a lucky fan got to spend a day with Demi, where she helped her realize her biggest dream.

“It was really cool.” Demi said on the experience. “I got to work with somebody and help them follow their dream and bring them out of their shell, try to get them to feel more confident in who they are. It was really great to be able to do that for somebody because I really wish I had somebody to do that for me when I was younger.”

“It was really great and Acuvue is an incredible brand to work with. They’re really super sweet and have the best contacts on the planet. I’ve been wearing their contacts for years now and they’re the best.” She said.

Demi even gave a shout out to her fans saying, “[My fans are] insane. That’s in a good way. They have my back no matter what.”

The singer also addressed the latest rumour making its way around the web, that one of her songs will be featured on the hit FOX series Glee this year. “You know, I actually don’t know about that. If I am, that would be a complete honor. It’s really cool. You know you have a popular song when it’s on Glee. It’s awesome.” She said.

While working with Acuvue Demi got to know Tyler, who is currently starring on Pretty Little Liars – a hit show that Demi hasn’t had the chance to catch quite yet! “I’ve never seen it, but I’ve read the first two books.” Demi admitted.

“I’m the type of person who doesn’t want to start a show in the middle of the first season because I feel like I need to know all the background and all the history and stuff like that. So, I haven’t seen it. I really want to! I think I’m going to download all the seasons on iTunes and just watch them within two weeks or something.”

The Skyscraper singer will soon be on the small screen herself as she starts her role as a judge on the second season of The X-Factor. “You will actually see it on September 12. That’s the premiere date for the season and I think it’s going to be really awesome.” Demi said. “The layout is different, so it’s unlike any other reality show singing competition on TV right now. It’s also young and fresh and a lot more exciting.”

Is she nervous about her big debut? “Of course I’m nervous! I had such a great time and I’m also really confident in how the show was going in auditions and stuff like that. I don’t feel like I need to be nervous, but of course you are when you have a new project coming out.”

Source: Teen Daily

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