Demi Lovato New 4th Album Tracklistings Released!

Good news! Tracklisting from Demi Lovato new 4th albums has been released. It contains 13 songs and collaboration with British singer, ‘Cher Llyod’. The album will be out on May 14, 2013. International presale will starts on April 9, 2013 on iTunes. Below are the tracklistings.

1. Heart Attack
2. Made in the USA
3. Without the Love
4. Neon Lights
5. Two Pieces
6. Nightingale
7. In Case
8. Really Do not Care (feat. Cher Lloyd)
9. Fire Starter
10. Something That We’re Not
11. Never Been Hurt
12. Should not Come Back
13. Warrior

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Demi Lovato New 4th Album Tracklistings Released!

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