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Demi Lovato jokily reveals Simon Cowell’s hair secrets


US X Factor judge Demi Lovato has joked that she knows the secrets of Simon Cowell’s hair… and not just those relating to the locks on his head.

Appearing on Channel 4’s Chatty Man tonight, the 20-year-old also revealed that the sight of the talent show supremo’s “bush” is so compelling, she has never even noticed his “moob area”.

“Simon’s shirt is always open,” she says.

“One more [button] and it will be [open to] his belly button. It is getting dangerous.”

She continued: “I have never looked at his chest, his moob area. I am distracted by the bush on his chest.”

The Heart Attack singer went on to comically ponder whether Simon’s mop – as well as his chest rug – may actually be fake, because it is so well-behaved.She said: “I know the secret of his hair. He puts his head forward and then he blow dries it. He does that every time before he goes on.

“He always gets the centre parting just right. I have never seen him with a comb trying to get it right. It is just how it falls.

“Maybe he uses the same extensions for his hair that he does for his chest.”

Source: Mirror UK

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