Demi Lovato talks new album and her excitement about Festival

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Demi Lovato‘s not even 21 yet —she wil be on August 20th— but she’s already seen both the bright and the dark side of stardom. After dealing with her physical and emotional issues in a way that was remarkably open and mature for someone her age, the young star reflects on life’s ups and downs in her latest album, Demi.

The singer and 2013 People en Español Festival performer took some time to tell us how writing this record has helped her deal with her own struggles, and what she’ll bring to our stage on Labor Day weekend.

How has being open with your fans helped you in writing this album?
I have been honest with my fans since I got out of treatment. It was scary at first, but as soon as I spoke out about issues I was going through I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders. My new album is very honest because I wrote on most of the songs. It was very cathartic.

Would you say music and personal life go together?
My music is always personal to me.

Is there a song you particularly like in this album?
I could not pick one song because I really love them all. I am really excited for my next single to be released because I love singing the song. I cannot tell you what the song is yet, but you will find out soon!

Do you have any rituals or something you like to do for good luck before going onstage?
I pray with my band before I go onstage. 

What are your favorite things to do when you’re not performing?
Sleep, watch ID (Investigation Discovery) channel and hang out with my friends and family.

This year you’ll be performing live at the People en Español Festival in San Antonio. Are you as excited as we are about having you be a part of it?
I am so excited to perform at Festival People en Español. I love performing for my fans, especially in an amazing festival like this one!

The are big names at this year’s Festival: Gloria Estefan, Alejandro Fernández, Wisin and Yandel. Who are you most excited about?
Gloria Estefan is such an iconic performer and it is thrilling to perform in the same festival as her. I am excited about seeing some of these amazing performers in person too. No question, you have to go to Festival! See you there!!!

Source: People Espanol

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