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Selena Gomez Mentions Demi In An Interview


Selena has recently mentioned Demi during an interview with Yahoo Canada, how Demi has been supportive of her songs and being a really good friend with Demi. I really wish Demi and Selena will collaborate one day.

Before premiering the album, Gomez went to her famous musical friends Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato for their expert advice.

“I think I’ve played every single one of my records for Taylor,” she said. “She would pick out her favourite for sure and you could tell, she’d be like, ‘Oh that’s okay,’ or, ‘Oh my gosh, I love it!’ and she’d start dancing and freak out.”

Gomez went on: “Same with Demi. She’s been telling me all the time about all of the songs. She’ll text me and she’s been really supportive and very sweet. I love that; I think it’s great. We’re friends so obviously [they’re honest and] in a way they would say, ‘Well, the other one was better.’”

Even though these three female artists all have hot music careers at the moment, 21-year-old Gomez assures us that there is no rivalry between them, and it sounds like they all share the same supportive attitude towards one another.

“I think that’s why Demi, Taylor and myself are close,” the songstress explained. “That’s the unfortunate thing about music, is that it tends to be too competitive. I love everyone’s music. I love Katy Perry’s music, Rihanna’s music and Demi’s music. I feel like girls in general should just support each other. Girls should be girls and we all just want to be there for each other. That’s never ever been an issue for me, Taylor or Demi.

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