Home Video: Demi Lovato Talks Simon Cowell & Girl Power in X Factor 3

Video: Demi Lovato Talks Simon Cowell & Girl Power in X Factor 3


Demi Lovato has talked to MTV News during the backstage of her performance of Poptarts Crazy Good Summer in Philly on July 18th. She has revealed to MTV that Simon is the only one she argued during the show. Also, what to expect of the strength of girl power of two pop female judges,Kelly and Paulina that joined X Factor Season 3. Watch the below video to find out.

“No absolutely not,” Lovato told MTV News of whether we will see the judges argue on the show. “Other than against Simon, so that’s fun.””That’s fun having a bunch of women on that panel, because it’s like girl power and it brings a lighter energy to the show. Instead of having feuds on the panel, there’s actually … It’s all positive,” Lovato said. “Therefore it makes it fun to watch.”

“I’ve raised my bar, I put a lot of people through last year that had the overall package but didn’t have the best voices,” Lovato said. “And now I’ve raised the bar where I am not putting anyone through that I don’t think has the winning vocal capability and so I say no to a lot of people. I may come across as a mean judge, but it’s very matter of fact and I’m very, very brutally honest.”

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