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Rumor: Demi Lovato Explicit Photos Leaked


Demi Lovato reportedly gotten her nude photo leak when she took multiple X-rated and self-shot photos and it was offered for sale to RadarOnline.com.

There are more than 20 images of Demi’s Explicit photos were emailed to Radar Online last week.

Here’s the description of the photos that were sent to Radar Online:

They show a dark-haired woman who looks identical to Lovato in a raft of compromising positions, including nude in a bath tub and lying topless in bed, among other poses.

The person who leaked the photos said:

“These are Demi. The collection I have show some nude, including face, some including parts of the body Demi is known for — tattoos, butt, chin. Then, I have pictures of her getting rowdy… I can guarantee you these photos are legitimately of Demi. “

They are still unable verify the explicit images to be authentic, however the woman in the images has similar Demi’s features like the same tattoos including 12 black birds on her right forearm.

Hoping it’s not true 🙁 Poor Demi!

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