New X Factor S3 Poster & HQ Photoshoot!

Here are some new X Factor goodies pictures additions! I’ve added new poster and promotional shoot of Demi with Simon, Kelly and Paulina posed for the all-new Season 3 of X Factor! Check them out 🙂 Also, official X Factor & X Factor USA twitter wishes Demi’s on her 21st Brithday!


N. Minoz [X Factor]

TheXFactor: Happy 21st birthday, @ddlovato! Make sure @TheXFactorUSA let you put your feet up, go easy on the juding and just kick back wih some cake.

TheXFactorUSA: Oh don’t worry @TheXFactor, @ddlovato will have plenty of cake to go aorund. We will even send you a piece 😉 

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New X Factor S3 Poster & HQ Photoshoot!

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