Demi Lovato will be attending the ‘We Day’ in Toronto, Canada on September 20th as Free The Children Ambassador, she will be joined by other celebrities like, Jonas Brothers, Austin Mahone, Darren Criss and many more at the Air Canada Centre. Demi has recently traveled to Kenya for her 21st birthday celebration and also get involved with the program.

“We Day is a room that can transform people, where messages about bullying and social issues can resonate and a place where students can find people just like them,” said Free The Children ambassador Demi Lovato. “Growing up I was forced to deal with many personal struggles and I craved a space where I not only belonged but felt powerful enough to make a difference. To me, that’s what We Day does – it brings people together in a day of celebration for world change, showing them they aren’t alone in their journey and that it is cool to care. And I am so grateful to be a part of that.” 

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