Demi Lovato hopes to inspire people with her upcoming guest role on Glee, she is playing a love interest for Naya Rivera’s character Santana.

“I get to play a lesbian on the show and that’s something that I feel like hasn’t really been brought to primetime with, you know, as a young actress. And I think it represents where our society is today.

“It’s becoming the norm and I’m really glad that I get to represent that – how far we’ve come.”

“You know, 15 years ago you wouldn’t have seen that on TV, but now people are becoming more comfortable with it and I’m glad that I get to represent that, and also, just hopefully inspire people with my character to love who they are and accept who they are and not give a c**p what other people think.”

She Praises Lea Michele

“She’s great,” Demi gushed. “She’s such a strong woman and I’m so proud of her. Love her so much.”

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