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Participate #YouGenPop Competition To Win A Chance To Meet Demi!


Demi Lovato recently launches #YouGenPop Competition. The contest is searching for a brand new solo pop artist with Demi Lovato. The winner of the competition will get to meet Demi in person! Grab the chance and enter now!

To enter, all you have to do is submit a YouTube video of you singing one of the following tracks:

Lady Marmalade ­- Labelle: backing track > http://bit.ly/YouGpop1
Pass Out ­- Tinie Tempah: backing track > http://bit.ly/YouGpop2
More Than This -­ One Direction: backing track > http://bit.ly/YouGpop3
Makes Me Wonder -­ Maroon 5: backing track > http://bit.ly/YouGpop4
Give Your Heart A Break -­ Demi Lovato: backing track > http://bit.ly/YouGpop5

The deadline to get your video entry in is the 21st September 2013 at midnight Pacific Standard Time. The winner will be flown to Los Angeles to meet Demi, her record producer (who also works with One Direction and Usher), and her stylist!

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