Demi Lovato has recently revealed to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show today that Fifth Harmony will be joining as part of her ‘Neon Lights Tour’ which will kicks off in 2014 next year. You can also listen to the interview of Demi on air with Ryan Seacrest below to find out more about the interview. Lastly, I’m really excited that Demi has decided to tour!


“I think it’s going to be so much fun,” Demi told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show Monday morning (September 30). “There’s nothing better than woman empowerment and having an all-girl tour. What’s ironic is we are all from ‘The X Factor,’ and that wasn’t even planned — it just kind of happened that way. I helped put Fifth Harmony together and watching them now, they’re going to be opening for me, it’s so awesome.”

On the name of the tour, ‘Neon Lights’

The name of her tour also happens to be the title of her next single, “Neon Lights,” from her upcoming self-titled album. “It also fits; it’s like a party tour,” she said. “When I see that [title], I think big party.”


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