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New A ‘Katy Or A Gaga’ Promo Still & Spoiler!


There are numerous spoiler scenes of Demi Lovato as Dani during the upcoming episode of Glee, 5×04 A ‘Katy Or A Gaga’. Also, I’ve added a new still from the episode. Check it out. If you are not ready to be spoilt, simply ignore the spoiler.

  • The New York singing scene will leave many fans of the show really satisfied.
  • Kurt, Dani  and Santana hold auditions to start a Madonna cover band.
  • Starchild (Adam Lambert) auditions for the band with Lady Gaga’s Marry The Night. He gets cut from the audition because he is told that it is too much.
  • Santana makes a funny proposition.
  • There is a sweet Dantana moment.
  • Starchild has a hillarious conversation with a member of Dantana.

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