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New Demi Lovato Interview from X Factor Show


Demi Lovato has recently sat down during an interview with Simon Cowell Media. She talks about Simon, X Factor and even mentioned having Selena on the show for the day.

How was it having Selena here for the day?
DL: It was really awesome! We didn’t really get to see each other for the whole day. People assume that since you’re in the same building that you get to spend the whole day with each other but that’s not really the case. But we did get to spend some time together which was great because she’s one of those people who will always be in your life. It was really really awesome.

What’s it been like with these live shows? 
DL: Diving into the live show aspect. It’s always really intense when the live shows start because you HAVE to be on point. And like it’s on tv so if you accidentally say **** you are screwed! That’s my thing. I’m a good role model but when it comes to my cursing, I curse like a sailor. And that’s the one thing that you can really screw up on on National TV.

Rion had a super emotional moment tonight. Do you think she should continue that route through this process? 
DL: I think that Rion did amazing. I think she definitely needs to continue what she’s doing. It was very powerful but it was also very uplifting and inspiring. There was a fighter that I saw in her that I didn’t see in the last two performances.

You have really talented girls in your category. Who do you think has the most potential to continue on with a singing career after the show?

DL: It just depends. You think you know and then you really don’t. It just depends on what America really chooses. I would love for all of my girls to break out and maybe they will. But it’s all up to America on who’s going to be successful. I do think that they all have great potential.

Do you think that last nights mess up helped or hurt your contestants?
DL: Um I don’t know. We’ll never really be able to know because did people forget the night before? Are they only focusing on tonight? You really have no idea. I just know that my girls did really great under pressure. I think better then any of the other categories. They actually did better tonight then last night. Overall I think that my girls did better this week then they did last week.

I love that you say “My Girls” Do you feel really maternal towards them?
DL: Yeah absolutely. I think all of the judges are very close to the categories they have. Every time one of Paulino’s boys come on. Like tonight when Carlito came on she said “Oh I feel so bad for him, he’s on antibiotics and he’s running a fever right now” even before he started singing because she already cares about him. And before Kayah came out I said “Oh wait until you hear her sing. She’s really incredible!” I care about all of the contestants. It’s not just the ones in my category. I just spent like 30 minutes last night talking to contestants from other teams just telling them what I thought they should do. To me its not a competition of which celebrity wins mentoring. It’s more about seeing how many artists we can move on to be successful from this show. Last season Emblem 3 and fifth harmony moved on and are doing incredible and I want that to happen this year again. Not just with the winner but with many.

We read a quote recently that said you wanted to have kids are some point:
DL:  Oh my god! Never ever say that if you’re a celebrity in the industry because you say it in one magazine and now it’s everywhere! Yes EVENTUALLY I would love to have kids but that’s in like a 5-10 year plan! That’s not tomorrow.

Any new hair colors as the season goes?
DL: I don’t know. The dangerous thing about being so impulsive with hair color is at some point it’s gonna fall off! So if I could I would probably have a different color every single day.

Our twitter followers are wondering if you and Simon are ever going to sit next to each other again?
DL: I love sitting next to Simon. We have such a good time. I’m actually bummed I’m not sitting next to him because we talk so much during the performances and during the show. But it feels weird not sitting next to each other. I think the producers wanted a variety and a balance between everybody. If they want me to sit next to him bad enough tell them to tweet it! Fans don’t realize how much power they have. If they want something bad enough tweet about it and get all your friends to tweet about it! I’ll sit next to Simon if you tweet about it!

Paulina just dropped a bombshell about you guys performing on the show?
DL: I would love to! I mean you know. I would love to with Kelly and Paulina. I think that was something that could have happened last year but didn’t, This year we have more planning so it would totally make sense.

Have you met Simon’s puppies?
DL: No! I have met some of his bitches!

Has he changed since you started working with him?
DL: He has changed a little bit. He’s nicer I think. I think he knows how old he’s getting. He’s thinking “Oh I’m not 20 anymore” I mean he’s having a kid. I think it’s all hitting him. I’m really this old. I don’t have much time left I really need to be a good person!

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