Demi Lovato has admitted that she doesn’t feel like she can speak to Miley Cyrus about concerns over her recent behaviour.

Joe Jonas recently revealed that he smoked weed with Miley and Demi when they were all younger stars, however after struggling with drug and alcohol addictions and spending a number of periods of her life in rehab, Demi has put all that behind her.

The singers may have smoked pot together when they were around 17 years old, but nowadays Demi steers clear of all of that. Miley can’t claim the same though and she appeared to be smoking cannabis at the MTV Awards earlier this year and at her birthday party last month, she had a cake with marijuana leaves frosted on top.

In an interview with OK magazine Demi admitted that she doesn’t think she’s in a position to address the drugs issue with her former pal. She’s focussing on keeping herself on the straight and narrow and said:

“She is doing her thing and having fun. I’m in no place to say to her: ‘I’m worried about you.’ I’m just focused on my own journey.”

Lovato lost her father in June and she’s admitted that she struggled with her addictions when she dealt with her bereavement. However, she made a decision to ‘stay strong’ and focus on the positives after he passed and she added:

I’ve definitely struggled a lot with drug and alcohol addictions – even more than I have with my eating disorder. But I decided to stay strong when my father died. I worked so hard on my sobriety – I wasn’t going to give it up.


Demi has had some seriously tough times over the course of her career and since shooting to fame as a young star, she’s had some many low points in her life.

However things are on the up for the X Factor USA judge and she said:

“I would say I’m pretty f***ing good! [Laughs] I’m in a really good place, I’m enjoying the holidays and loving my work.”

Source: Unreality TV


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