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Demi Lovato: How Selena Gomez Helped Save Her From Addiction


It’s no secret that Selena is loyal to her best friends — even when they’re going through truly dark times. She proved that by going to a rehab center to hear Demi speak to a recovery group about her past addictions, TMZ reports.

Selena Gomez, 21, witnessed best friend Demi Lovato, 21, going through the toughest time of her life in 2010, when she spent three months in rehab for emotional and physical issues at the young age of 18. Selena was there for her friend then, and continues to be, after recently going to listen to Demi speak at a sober living home. Demi reportedly also told the group why Selena is such a good friend.

Demi, who lived in a sober living home for over a year, spoke to a recovery group at a rehab center with Selena by her side for moral support. She told a personal survival story, involving her battles with drugs, alcohol, anorexia, bulimia and cutting herself, according to TMZ.

Demi Lovato Takes Selena To A Rehab Clinic

She also said that it was her mission to surround herself with positive influences, which is why she has Selena as a friend and lived in the sober living home.

Demi has publicly stated before that Selena helped her through her addiction struggles in rehab. “Selena called me crying when I was in there and was just so worried,” Demi told Televisonet.tv. “I was like, ‘Look, I should be the one crying, it’s all good!’”

Selena expressed why she always supports her friend of 14 years in i-D‘s August 2013 issue. “I’m very proud of Demi and her being able to accept the challenges she went through,” she said.

Selena also said she admires Demi’s dedication to her fans. Selena calls Demi a “role model” after entering rehab and setting an example for those struggling with addiction.

Source: Hollywood Life 

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