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Demi Lovato Helping Joe Jonas Overcome His Addiction Problems


Joe Jonas’ alleged drug addiction has been splashed all over the tabloids as of late. Apparently it’s so bad, it might even be responsible for the dissolution of the Jonas Brothers as a band.

Then earlier this month, in a New York Magazine profile, the 24-year-old got candid about his past drug use, a therapeutic and wise move on his part that’s helped him quietly pull his personal life together.

Also assisting him during this fragile time? His ex-girlfriend Demi Lovato, who’s cleaned up and taken her sobriety very seriously since her time in rehab.

“Joe has been in constant communication with Demi, as she has been a tremendous help in Joe fighting his demons right now,” a source revealed to Hollyscoop.

Demi will do all she can to help others, famous or not, if they’re battling similar issues with substances. The singer spoke at an AA meeting recently, and with her friend Selena Gomez by her side, no less.

“He is also in therapy sessions and staying close to his parents, as well as [his brothers] Kevin and Nick,” the source added. “Addiction is not a problem in his family at all as he is the only one that suffers from it. He is hesitant about a 12-step program because he doesn’t want the public to know, even though they already do.”

Source: Hollyscoop

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