It’s sad news for ‘X Factor’ fans. After season three ends on Dec. 19, Demi will not be returning, Simon Cowell confirmed to after the acts took the stage for their last performances.

“I knew she wasn’t coming back because she’s [going to be] touring,” Simon Cowell told on Dec. 18 about the report that Demi Lovato was leaving The X Factor.

“We always knew that. Two seasons was good,” Simon added. “In terms of next season, I believe it will be back. It will have a different look to it.”

Well, that’s for sure! We won’t be seeing Demi’s blue hair anymore unfortunately.

However, while we’re all super bummed about Demi’s departure, we know that we can still see her on Glee, and that we’ll be hearing quite a bit more music from her and soon!

While Demi is looking forward to focusing on music, she did tell us that she’s really going to miss the show.

“What I’m going to miss the most about this experience is probably being able to sit next to Kelly [Rowland] andPaulina [Rubio],” she exclusively. ”They been so incredible to me.”

Another thing she’ll miss — judging and helping the contestants of course!

“Getting to help mentor contestants achieve their dream — you know, you get emotionally invested in their dreams and you get really passionate about helping them out and wanting them to have an awesome performance,” she added.

Source: Hollywoodlife


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