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Demi Lovato Reaches Out to Ke$ha in Rehab


You know things are going to be okay when Demi Lovato’s in your corner.

The 21-year-old “Skyscraper” singer and former Disney star has battled her fair share of inner demons and never hesitates to lend a helping hand to those facing a similar fight. Case in point: Demi has reached out to fellow pop star Ke$ha as the 26-year-old begins a 30-day program for an eating disorder.

A new Hollyscoop video reveals Dems contacted Ke$ha upon hearing the “Timber” singer was headed to rehab. Specifically, Dems is said to be interested in having Ke$ha join her as a celebrity spokesperson about eating disorders.

The two leading ladies have had very similar paths when it comes to the ups and downs of fame. Four years ago, Dems attended the same center, Timberline Knolls, outside of Chicago. She was facing bulimia, anorexia, self-harm, and a drug addiction — so, yeah, we’d say Demi Lovato is a good resource to have on hand at a time like this.

Dems hasn’t said anything about the situation via her Twitter but we wouldn’t put it past her to reach out in a more personal form. After all, we’ve heard fellow music star and real-life bestie Selena Gomez has done the same for Dems in the past.

Source: Wet Paint

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