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Demi Lovato’s Trainer Joey Rubino Talks About Her Health Habit


During an interview with Perez Hilton, Demi Lovato’ Trainer Joey Rubino spills about Demi’s health habits. Read the below interview to find out more!

What does Demi’s training consist of?

We mainly focus on Bootcamp style workouts that consist of very little down time, lighter weights but a lot of reps – keeping the heart rate high and working up a good sweat. Workouts like these offer variety and a chance to have some fun while working hard and getting great results.

What workout moves does she like the best?

Demi is a huge Kick Boxing fan and she is really good at it. She gets excited when she gets those powerful punches in and always strives to be great.

I love the Demi smile that creeps up on her face whenever she knows she did good – makes me happy! It always impresses me how focused she is – there would be days where she would be in hair and make-up and then filming all day for X Factor and still make time for a workout after filming late at night – we would get in the gym gym at 10:30pm at night and she wouldn’t complain once.

What’s it like training an artist to be fit/energized while performing night after night? What workouts will you be doing while she is on the road? How do you schedule the time in?

Tour life isn’t like normal life – you are all in this tight bubble where the people around you become like family – after all you are seeing them every day and waking up with them around you and going to sleep in the same manner.

Tour schedule can be challenging, especially when the artist has a ton of press and other pr commitments on the schedule for that day, not to mention sound check and performance. We tend to add workouts in at the end of day or first thing in the morning at the hotel and if we can squeeze in 20 minutes before show backstage – I tend to encourage that. So its about being available to Demi whenever she needs me.

What songs are part of her workout playlist?

She loves current music, I remember when she first heard Cher Lloyd and was like – wow this girl is amazing.

Do you have Demi involved in any diet plan?

Diet – No. Healthy eating and Nutrition plan – yes. It is a key part to staying fit and healthy. I have Demi juicing daily as well as eating a hearty breakfast and all meals consisting of protein and vegetables. Since tour schedule can be crazy, it’s important to eat regularly and include as much of a variety of whole foods as we can.

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