Demi Lovato and Boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama Still Going Strong

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Demi Lovato and boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, of that ‘That 70’s Show’ fame, are still together despite persistent rumors that the two have broken up.

The couple was seen at a the UFC 175 match in Nevada, Las Vegas on July 5, and the looked more in love than ever. An eyewitness tells Hollywoodlife, “They were there and they were definitely together. Everything was perfect with them, they just requested not to be photographed together. They watched the fights and they shared a lot of close cuddling. They are unbreakable.”

Unbreakable could very well be the right word to describe Lovato’s and Valderrama’s relationship.

However, the couple recently faced one of the greatest threats that tested their bond as Valderrama’s Twitter account was hacked last June. The hacker posted intimate pictures of the couple, as well as insults calling Lovato fat.

Rumors swirled that Valderrama allegedly knew about the hack and that this was a move on his part to undermine Lovato, who is currently enjoying a resurge in her singing and acting career.

“Wilmer was not part of the hack whatsoever, he would never do anything like that at all. The two are in love and they aren’t going to ruin it by posting something on Twitter so scandalous or reacting to it and making a big deal,” said another source.

In other news, Lovato has collaborated with close friend Nick Jonas on five new songs. One of them, entitled “Avalanche” is being featured on his upcoming album.

Jonas spoke with MTV News about his friendship with Lovato and his experience working with her on the songs.

“It’s so easy to do a duet that’s a love song because our relationship isn’t really that. But there is love for a friend, you know, and that’s beautiful to just talk about.” said Jonas.

Source: BreatheCast

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