Demi Lovato: Kim Kardashian “Revolutionized Our Generation’s View of What Beautiful Is”

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Demi Lovato is a big fan of Kim Kardashian’s body of work. The “Heart Attack” singer, 22, told Access Hollywood on Thursday, Aug. 28, that she credits the reality star with helping to change the standard of beauty for girls who aren’t stick-thin.

Asked about the photo collage she posted recently showing her red carpet looks over the years, the former Disney star explained that it was more about how she was feeling than what she was wearing. “The very first time that I ever went to the VMAs, I just looked so bony and fragile and unhappy. Yes, I was at the VMAs, and I was 16 and I was having an incredible time, but at the same time I was miserable,” she told Access.

“I look back at that and I think, ‘You know what? I may have been thinner, but I am so happy that I am healthy today and I have curves, which are a lot sexier than what I was aiming for,'” she added. “I think curves are beautiful and I feel great.”
That’s thanks in part to people like Kardashian, who flaunts her curves with confidence. “When I was growing up and when I was a pre-teen, the people that I had to look up to [for] body image [were] extremely underweight,” Lovato said. “[They] were all very bony at that time and that was the in thing.”

These days, there’s not one body type that defines beauty. “I really credit women like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. [They] completely revolutionized our generation’s view…of what beautiful is,” the former X Factor judge gushed. “You can think whatever you want about the Kardashians, but they really did help tons of women feel comfortable in their own skin, and I like to carry that message on.”

The message was indeed clear in Lovato’s caption for her red carpet collage. “It makes me sad because I wasted so many years ashamed of my body when I could’ve been living the happy and healthy life I live today,” she wrote on Facebook. “I’m so excited to live my life the way I deserve to and to the complete fullest.”

Source: US Magazine

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