Demi Lovato On Sneakers; New Promo Photo from Skechers

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Demi Lovato reveals her why she fell in love with Sneaker during an interview with People. She also discusses how she can wears sneakers anywhere anytime. Apart from this new interview, new photo of Skechers promo has been added!

“Sneakers have become a fashion statement you see everywhere, from being on tour and performing to the gym, you can literally wear them with anything in your closet,” she says, adding that she loves the bright colors in her sneaker wardrobe. “I wear mine with almost everything because I love to be comfortable.”

That goes double for her time in the gym, which she says has been a priority for her during her tour. “Every performance on stage for my world tour is a workout, so I’ve been doing a lot of cardio to keep my stamina up and put on a great show for my fans,” she says. “I think it’s extremely important to take care of yourself and live a healthy lifestyle, because it affects your mental well-being as well.”

“It’s fun to experiment with edgy looks or play a character that is completely different from myself — which is why I love acting because it allows you to step outside yourself for a moment. If I had to choose one, singing is definitely my true passion. There is no better feeling than performing for a live audience and feeling the energy I feel when I’m able to connect with my fans.”

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