Demi Lovato: ‘I’m prepped with portable damage control’

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The 23-year-old never looks anything less than perfect on the red carpet, but when she is travelling or running errands there is a distinct possibility paparazzi will snap pictures of her in disarray, so to prevent this from happening, Demi has created a portable damage control kit.

“I always have City Proof 24HR Waterproof Eye Shadow from NYC New York Color in silver or black,” she told Us Weekly magazine. “You can use it as a liner or smudge it with your fingers.”

Due to allergies Demi finds herself suffering unexpectedly when she steps into certain surroundings, so to prevent getting snapped sniffling up a storm with a red nose, the musician carries medicine, noting: “I have allergy asthma. When I’m allergic to something, like cats or dogs, I can’t breathe very well, so I carry an inhaler.”

Demi is a fan of on the road maintenance, especially since she is constantly jet-setting for work.

Her hands need extra attention at the moment due to years of synthetic manicures.

“I get my nails done so often — I used to get gel and acrylics — that it damaged them,” she explained. “Now I’m trying to strengthen them, so I keep a file and cuticle oil.”

Treating her tattooes is a similar process, with Demi adding: “I have a new [rose] tattoo and need to keep it moisturised. You can use Aquaphor for anything!”

Although she is incredibly fit and healthy, Demi will not restrict herself from having a snack while she’s out and about.

“I really love Quest bars and Power Crunch bars,” she gushed. “Sometimes I’ll have those for when I’m travelling. You don’t really know when you’ll have a moment to eat!”

Source: Belfast Telegraph

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