Demi Lovato Is An Ambassador for HOPE for a New Generation!

Demi Lovato will be part of Hope For Depression Foundation according to PR Newswire. The foundation recently debuted a new PSA at the HDRF 9th Annual HOPE Luncheon Seminar honoring Academy Awards nominated actress and write Mariel Hemingway. Demi on the other hand will also be recognized as an “Ambassador of HOPE for a New Generation” for speaking out about her own struggle with bipolar disorder and substance use disorders.

About Hope For Depression Foundation PSA
Depression is a serious, life-threatening illness. Unfortunately, many people construe depression as a temporary bad mood, and think that someone struggling with depression can “snap out” of it with a walk or a pep talk. Without proper information on how to talk to someone with depression, well-meaning people can unknowingly make harmful comments to people struggling with this potentially deadly illness.

I hope Demi’s involvement will raise a voice to all younger generation on the potential danger of Depression and help these victims out there along the way. Good work, Miss Lovato!

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Demi Lovato Is An Ambassador for HOPE for a New Generation!

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