Demi Lovato Teases New Era With a Sexy Brand New Look

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The pop star stuns in long hair ahead of her eighth album.

Demi Lovato is all about changing her image these days. The singer-slash-songwriter stunned the cover of the latest Inked Magazine issue, which showcases a new look for her.

In the images, Lovato is rocking long hair and resembles a pinup doll. The pop star is seemingly using this new look to tease her upcoming era in music. If you’ve been following Lovato on social media lately, then you know she’s been working on her eighth studio album, which is more of a punk rock sound.

“I’ve only made a few songs so it’s still very new,” she told the outlet of her upcoming LP. “My writing style hasn’t really changed much. It’s just going into the studio, thinking about a concept that I’m passionate about and wanting to write a song about it.”

She added, “In terms of my dream vision, I am just excited to be performing again and releasing music. I hope my fans can find inspiration in my new songs coming out and something to relate to in these times of uncertainty.”

Lovato seems to be reinventing herself in more ways than one. The musician recently updated her pronouns, which can be seen on her Instagram. Since 2021, she has been using they and them pronouns, but now, she’s also added she and her.

Check out her Instagram bio for the update and see BTS footage of her Inked Magazine photoshoot below.


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